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Hamilton Depression Self-Rating Scale (HDRS17)


Hamilton Depression Self-Rating Scale (HDRS17):

I'm an antidepressant Researcher i make this scale because i don't find any Hamilton Depression self-rating scale
it's based in the real Hamilton Depression Rating Scale
Hamilton Depression Rating Scale has:
Sensitivity: 86.4% Specificity: 92.2%

what should i do?

if you got 14+ you have depression and you need medications
don't waste your time with trying to prevent depression without drugs it's will not work the only one way to stop depression is taking the requested medication
even if you feel great after reading a story about someone work in cleaning but he work hard and now it's an millionaire this story will force your mind to release serotonin and it's works, you will feel good but for some hours at least and will return to your baseline depressed..

do i need to take medication for ever?

many doctors will tell you that you will need to take anafranil for 2-5 years and then stop it
I'm really don't believe in that because anafranil (and other medications) don't change your mind permanently it just make your mind able to use that small amount of serotonin/noradrenaline/any other mood chemical that your Ill brain release with high Efficiently, so logically you will need to take it for ever, like insulin
points/50 level react
23 and up very severe depression medications needed
19-22 severe depression
14-18 moderate depression
8-13 mild depression
0-7 normal
  1. Depressed Mood
  2. Feelings of Guilt
  3. Suicide
  4. Insomnia - Early
  5. Insomnia - Middle
  6. Insomnia - Late
  7. Work and Activities
  8. Retardation (slowness of thought and speech; impaired ability to concentrate; decreased motor activity)
  9. Agitation
  10. Anxiety - Psychic
  11. Anxiety - Somatic Physiological concomitants of anxiety such as:
  12. Somatic Symptoms - Gastrointestinal
  13. Somatic Symptoms - General
  14. Genital Symptoms Not ascertained Symptoms such as: loss of libido, menstrual disturbances
  15. Hypochondriasis
  16. Loss of Weight
      A. When Rating by History:

  17. Insight

tell me what's your result in comments…
i hope this help! :)


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