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free testosterone injection calculator

what is testosterone level calculator

it's free tool that will give a general idea about how much you need testosterone to got the ng/dl value you want, based on your testosterone baseline level.

keep in your mind:

with testosterone, bigger not always mean better
if you have baseline of 200ng/dl
and you add 300ng/dl to it, so your testosterone level now is 500ng/dl, you mostly will feel powerfully anxiolytic effect, and increase in physical strangest etc..

but if you add other 300ng/dl  to it, so your testosterone level now is 800ng/dl
you mostly will start experience fatigue etc..

that because testosterone have negative feedback.

what is the testosterone negative feedback:

if you inject your self with testosterone, that new testosterone will agonist AR receptors, which will cuz increase in negative feedback of HPA-axis, that will lead to decrease in AR receptor that you want to agonist from first.

add to that testosterone converted to estradiol by aromatize, estradiol agonist it's ERα receptor what cuz negative feedback too, that will lead to decrease in your natural testosterone production, so your baseline will be less then 200ng/dl, add to that increase in SHBG that will decrease your free T.

you can block the second  negative feedback by aromatize inhibitor or clomid, but there is no info about how to block the first one.
add to that mostly there an other mechanism of negative feedback still not explored.

so why negative feedback deosn't block effect of first 300ng/dl T injection?

there is no real answer for this, but this what trial and error give info to us.
mostly with low doses negative feedback can't block the effect, but it become so much stronger when using high doses.
that give an idea why aromatize inhibitors give strong effect, compared to testosterone Easters.


Single administration of 80-160 mg Andriol Testocaps leads to a clinically significant increase of total plasma testosterone with peak levels of approximately 1154ng/dL (Cmax), reached approximately 4-5 hours (tmax) after administration. Plasma testosterone levels remain elevated for at least 8 hours

Relative T content

Things that also need to be in range are Prolactin and SHBG.

there a AR-mediated negative feedback on the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis

keep in your mind, this just complicated calculation based on some source, is not must be true it just will give you general idea about how much you need

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