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best source to gain biohacking knowledge

best source to gain biohacking knowledge:


this forum always surprise me with it's complicated trials, they always try new things without the "unnatural phobia" thing.

really reddit still one of the best even in this failed, his users tend to give important info about now substance and how to use them with harm reduction practices
this list of drug related subreddits >>https://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/wiki/subreddits

Drugs-Forum Home | Drugs-Forum
it's an old forum but as some body say "old in gold" they have millions of thread, open for your unreachable urge to biohacking knowledge.

bluelight forum use a lot of moderators to prevent publishing high risk-taking actions from it's users, and yeah the ability to add rating to any posts, is one of best futures of this forum

Quora is question-and-answer platform, the quality of it's posts is not good like reddit (as of my opinion) but still able to give you daily new knowledge about biohacking.

Erowid Experience Vaults
erwid is community based drug experience sharing forum, you can find thousand of stories about any drug you please, don't be bothered with it's old style, its informative value will change your opinion, add to that this site is working from a lot time, and so she here to stay

drug special forums:

Kava Forums
Grasscity Forums - The #1 Marijuana Community Online

other forum to know about:

Home - The Third Wave
UK Chemical Research
Forums - Surviving Antidepressants


Wikipedia have page for every drug/research chemical you want, most of times with receptor bidding included

this the biggest known wiki for drug users, she have all tool, info, you can imagine, but the luck of some research chemical make it in the second place.

TripSit wiki
this site make specially for psychedelic users, for normal tripping , mini-tripping and robo-tripping , add to that they have benzo dose converter for safely switch between deferent benzos

examine focused on supplement, now is well-known that supplement is less effective then drugs in treating depression, anxiety etc.. but this site will give a nice look about what's really working of them and what is just placebo.

i just use this site in dosage info, and medication users review, i thing it's and a nice addition to this list

advanced tools:

find and know your substance metabolism pathways. 
its advanced tool for finding whats receptors that the drug interact with, to whats the drugs interact with any receptor

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