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amazing motivation effect from just the eggs

last week i started taking 11eggs/d
they have compared to upper level intake for person in 20 years old:
226.05%    Glutamic acid (highest pharma dose)  
216.52%    Phenylalanine+TYROSINE  
183.74%    histidine (RDAs)  
161.70%    Choline  
134.75%    Methionine  
77.00%      Alanine(as B-alanine)  
13.84%      arginine  
7.01%        tryptophan    
2.66%        B6  

whats happened, sure not plaseboo:
-remembered the dream of last night and it was have confidence in self
_amazing increase in motivation
_new ideas for problems that i faced before and doesn't find a way to solve them
-increase reward (songs, moves, ideas, sex)
-anxiolytic and antidepressant effect
_start using violence to solve my problems
-increase cognitive performance
-increase physical straight (speed , straight of the box etc..)

the effect was really strong, but the strongest one is motivation

eggs have all amino acid needed to make the primary neurotransmitters:
Phenylalanine >>Phenylalamine (releasing agent)
histidine>histamine (H1 receptors in CNS increase wake fullness and cognitive)
Choline> acetylcholine

but doesn't have enough vit B6   #_#

the next day a took just 4 eggs, lead to losing the effect
after tasting the Threshold is 8eggs/day but 11eggs/day give the double effect ( i don't know why)

update: tolerance permanently developed after 3 days

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