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how much need for antipsychotics to develop tolerance, is it possible?

i was taking risperidone for my OCD and hyperactivity, starting from the first of this year
started at 0.25mg/day risperidone because any higher dose cause panic attacks and anhedonia and abnormal movement, it was working like a charm for my ocd/hyperactivity
but now after 7 months, 16mg/day risperidone don't have depressive effect on me instead she have sever movement disorder:eek:
so i switched to olanzpine 20mg/day and tadda the same mild effect without movement problems, i have developed cross-tolerance to antipsychotics

at least no one can inject me with the mental prison Invega because she will not work, i have started thinking to order/test it already *-*
what's learned: tolerance to high dose antipsychotics is possible

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