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how to avoid tolerance, my technique

my technique is taking non cross tolerance drugs, I'm always searching for new receptors to interact with and you can cycle them now I'm taking:
the drug - the mechanism of action - the effect
magnesium (NMDA antagonist) emotion bland (good), muscle relaxant, vivid dreams, anti anxiety effect, antidepressant effect
anafranil (balanced SNRI and histamine antagonist) confidences in self, make sounds more HD, stop think I can live alone, stimulant effect, anti-ejaculation speed, strong motivation
lamotrigine (sodium channel blocker) physical stimulation
olanzpine (Dopamine 2 and 3 antagonist) empathy , anti ocd effect
nicotine (nicotine receptors agonist) strong improvements in attention performance + cognitive effect, alertness, aggression, anti-anxiety affect, fast thinking
trihexyphenidyl (mascarin antagonist) moderate euphoria and anti-anxiety effect and mild Hallucinations
lorazepam (gaba PAM) don't wanting to getting or save memory, strong anti-social anxiety effect, extreme don't care effect, you don't get tired from working in laptop or other, Impulsivity & aggression, motivation, muscle relaxant, increase sleep quality, euphoria, cognitive impairment
tea (glutamate modulator) mindfulness, alertness, muscle relaxant, happiness
caffeine (adenosine antagonist, non selective PDE enzymes inhibitor) motivation, happiness

most of this effect get toleranced but I'm above the baseline too much for 2 years, 
to make a medication work always when you take it , firstly this med or drug should not be neurotoxic or you will end with lower baseline, also you need to cycle it med/drugs need to be took one time every 6-30 days , caffeine every 6 days, nicotine 20 days, benzo 30 days. this is my experience
what you think about this do you have better technique?

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