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magnesium mega dose (antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect)

i started testing magnesium last week, after trying up to 1200mg i just doesn't feel anything.
after searching, i have find that she have 42 days half life, so taking 420mg/day will lead to 35.28g added to your body then she will stop accumulating anymore
so i took 3g every 1 hour... after taking 9g a i start feeling:
moderate warmth and emotion bland (good)
moderate mescal relaxant
mild anxiolytic effect
some antidepressant effect
amazing vivid dreams (in night sleep)

it was a nice addition to my psychology health, now i started upping more..
after i reached 29g i have started getting mild respiratory depression, and slow heart rate add to that muscle weakness
all the effect was mild, but learned that i have touched the upper limit fastly because:
29g/(42*2)= 345mg
meaning, what i take is like i have i took 345mg/day for months until she stop accumulating anymore

i still have this symptoms after 2 day of stopping magnesium. i think it will despair after some weeks, then after this loading dose i will continue with typical 420mg/day
be nice, be careful and take magnesium mega dose ^_^

note: i have used ampoule every one have 1.5g liquid Magnesium pidolate, in empty stomach + water

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