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learn how OCD person think

learn how OCD person think:

from my childhood i suffer from dopamine 2 hypersensitivity , like racing thought, severe ocd, inability to concentrate in one work, like if i'm working in a blog, after 0.006 second i got an idea about other project that will lead to more money and then i compulsively switch to it, that because i don't accept to be a normal person, i'm always try to be super person by putting my self in high paying work like opening a bank etc.. add to that as of ocd i always clean my hands for more then 40 times because i don't accept cleaning them 1-3 times because there a possibility that some junk still there so i clean them again and again.

there some good side of this effect like i extremely enjoy reading about complicated stuff, i always got high degree in biology in my school even one time i got 20.5/20 lol
and also get good taste, add to that thinking outside the box like in term of marriage i see it as one the stupidest (sorry guys) things you'll ever do in your life is permanent responsibility and the most money-consuming thing.

people asked me why? all humans in the world do it, you are the only person say the opposite, you think that 7 billion person is wrong and you are right!

my replay was like this:
in first time i think about marriage i was know that all people in the world do it this mean there a big possibility that they are correct, but like always there a possibility of 0.00001% that they are wrong, and then my ocd triggered, because i have to make the most correct decision possible, and my ocd personality dont allow me to accept that 0.00001% wrong percentage, so i started thinking and after some time i got answer:

lets say that 6,999,999,900 ppl in earth don't want marry and only 100 want it , than the 6,999,999,900 will live and inexpensive life and be mentally free from responsibility, but they will not transfer his genes to the next generation because they dont accept having children responsibilities so they will become extinct , then the only ppl who will able to transfer his genes is the other 100, but they will live an expensive life and most of their money will goes to his children add to that there other having children responsibility other then money like taking care of them, when the 100 pll transfer him "marriage acceptance genes" to the next generation this mean that there children will accept that also, this called "Natural selection".
what im trying to say that the nature when develop you she develop you not for your personal happiness or intelligence but it develop you in favor of the survival of your gender, even if that mean doing stupid things like taking big responsibility for no real reason, who the f*ck will accept taking big responsibility like marriage and having children, the reward system most give you big reward for that like sex to compulsively urge you to make children and Paternal bond& Maternal bond to force you to take care of them.

you can see that i started talk about something and lead to completely different decision, racing thought again what you think?
is there a way to downregulate dopamine 2 receptors other then agonizing them?, antagonizing them give me nice 9 month without any compulsive behaviors but now even 50mg risperidone give me mild effect, with combining it with SSRIs that are known to downregulate D2 i was able to stop thinking about opening a bank lol, and my cleaning behaviors and severe ocd stopped completely even with tolerance, but the other symptom i got just mild relive, i still face problems to stay in one task , which prevent me from getting the work done, i still remember the days when was 0.25mg risperidone do the trick it was one of most happiest months in my life. i can concentrate in any task easily.

you might think that other receptors are the cause but after i try to selectively antagonist dopamine 3 it give completely different effect add to that more then 70+ medication and anti-anxiety drugs also give completely different effect, add to that risperidone is the most selective D2 antagonist available and it have the most profound effect on ocd relative to other antipsychotics.

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