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the other side of dopamine supersensitivity and dopamine agonists

the other side of dopamine supersensitivity and dopamine agonists:

dopamine hypersensitivity is not good thing if we talking about dopamine 2 and 3 receptors
i worth an article before talking about dopamine 2 it in detail, read it
as for dopamine 3 its cause all range of side effect like compulsive shopping, gambling (even in patients without a history of these behaviors), eating, sex, drug seeking behaviors', Risk-Taking , impulsivity, poriomania (A morbid impulse to wander or journey away from home.), kleptomania (a recurrent urge to steal, typically without regard for need or profit.), aggression, psychosis
the good effect is anti-restless leg syndrome, and induce sexual fantasies only 2 nice effect out of full range of side effect

the best receptor is dopamine 1, but because hypotension that it strongly cause no medication was able to complete the trials (high drop-out rate), it cause increase ability to solve problems and motivation, and antidepressant and anti anxiety effect

as for dopamine 2 receptors, i don't say they are completely bad but if you have downregulation on dopamine 1 receptors and hypersensitivity on 2 its like you have a laptop with 1GH processor (low spec) and installed on it windows 10000, that operating system is great but this operating system consumes the capabilities of the processor in unimportant things such the graphical user interface effects you need to block dopamine 2 to change the operating system to windows 7.
the dopamine 2 receptors play operating system role and dopamine 1 play the CPU

so without anti-psychotic help you will live a laggy laptop life like me ☺

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