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craving and withdrawal of nicotine after long-term of out the control usage (2 years)

craving and withdrawal of nicotine after long-term usage:

1-2, you feel like you can handle it, you crave a little and get a ton of acid reflux. Hungry 24/7. Pain in chest and neck Maybe.

2-5, craving gets crazy, acid reflux, your hungry all the time, when your full you still want to eat to vomiting point, you wake up nauseous, mind cloudy and angry at everyone and anyone. You can't sleep well. Mood swings, you'll shout at someone since they piss you off for no reason, than after 30 mins you're angry at yourself for shouting at them. depression and self hatred really starts to form.

Day 5-7, one of the hardest days, these are the day every single hour all you can think of is smoking, no matter where you are or what your doing. Plus all the above. All all you can think of is smoking, I had dream for 2 weeks about smoking cigars...

Day7-13, All the above, craving get less worse But still its horrible.

I have never got past day 15. All of this while dealing with RL stress, you lose concentration and focus, mood swings, you feel like a pregnant woman with cravings. You cant Eat, sleep, Move or think properly. Why put yourself through that ? for what to live until you're 100 ? or until your so fat you die from that, or die from stress. Honestly when you quit, you hit a point where you ask is it worth month of pain , for long term benefits? for some it is and most it just isn't. Not to mention when you quit you see smoking everywhere and smoker enjoy smoking, we don't smoke for no reason, we do enjoy it. Lastly smoker have tasted the forbidden fruit of tobacco, well always remember how it feels and one day well want that again, And nothing compares to smoking. For those who have quit your a stronger person than me and many others.

Remember, you can always take more drugs, but you can't take less

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