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anti-psychoactive medication person vs biohacker in treating and understanding mental illness (OCD)


3rd world country is full of anti-psychoactive medication people

i have done cognitive behavioral therapy and i successes in treating my cleaning behaviors by response and prevention
you need to go against your OCD if it say clean your hand a lot, just put your hands in junk and don't clean them, for the next few weeks you will not able to think in any think other then cleaning your hands from that junk you may relapse and clean them but re junk them instantly after few weeks your OCD will stop.
but this is not possible in other types of OCD . like if you have corona-fear OCD if you want to use response and prevention this mean make your self infected with corona so your brain will stop this fear because you have corona already, but this thing is not possible + i got 39/40 in yell brown OCD rating scale.

i can't say some real insane OCD ideas (and no its not getting children from doing potatoes with your GOD)

some people do have some wired behaviors you are writing too much, can you stop that urge and write your ideas in little text from now and go? its for sure you can't
if you are a boy and stringent can you enjoy do homosexuality? can you fall in love to a boy? can you change your religion? can you start eating things that you hate and enjoy it? can you eat when you are full? can you start being interested in biology? can you listen to metal songs?

when i get some cognitive enhancing drug i will try to develop CBT technique for other types of OCD, until then , I'm only a dope girl

if i was having a cancer it will be better, at least people will try to do real help instead of eliminating some proven beneficial ways. people they do believe that you can born with a physical illness , but they don't believe that the mind is also a biological part and it can be ill,

your brain is like a laptop and samsung is the GOD, if the god but a useless RAM in you , you will live like a leggy laptop until you change it , installing clean master in your android phone will not make it fast, its hardware problem not software

if i inject some anti-psychoactive medication person with cabergoline which is a dopamine D2/D3 agonist your opinion about drugs will completely changed and you will fear from the idea of losing access to cabergoline , and when you loss access to it, your baseline personality will return and will decide to not take that shit ever again, this what happen to me with risperidone.

i know there is no way to change your opinion, because your baseline, and you will not able to change my opinion without injecting me with risperidone and find a way to make it work even with tolerance, your message has been received don't waste your time anymore.

and good luck anti-psychoactive medication with your personality.

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