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antipsychotics antidote (for invega injected users)

I have took risperidone (invega pro drug) and olanzpine and haloperidol before
This drugs called antipsychotics, is a drug that antagonist dopamine 2 and 3 receptors and sometimes dopamine 1
Which will cause severe anhedonia (dopamine 2 and 3 receptors and dopamine 1) and fear from risk taking station (dopamine 3) and make you brain think in one thing at a time, not multi thread proceeding, that will lead to improvement in positive and negative symptoms of Schizophrenia

To stop that effect you need dopamine 2 and 3 agonist
there 9 months for body to build tolerance or 1.5 year for invega to go out of your body if you have slow onset tolerance
Bromocriptine is well used antidote for antipsychotic and there also caberagoline but you might need high over clinically dose to overcome invega like what happen to me
Bromocriptine, originally marketed as Parlodel and subsequently under many brand names,[1] is an ergoline derivative and dopamine agonist that is used in the treatment of pituitary tumors, Parkinson's disease, hyperprolactinaemia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, and, as an adjunct, type 2 diabetes.

you see neuroleptic malignant syndrome its your symptoms but more strong that can make you death

Bromocriptine - Wikipedia

there also abilify all of this antidote with enough doses will make you recover instantly

possible questions: -------------------------------
Abilify is antipsychotics. I read that dopamine agonists just slows down the recovery from invega sustenna:
no who said this is completely opposite of reality invega is antagonist on dopamine 2 which cause severe anhedonia and dopamine 3 which cause anhedonia and fear from risk taking stations
Also heard dopamine agonists help just temporally:
no they work as long you take them and as antidote tolerance will not developed
I have fast metabolism and didn't gained weight. Is that good sign that invega will be faster out of my metabolism:
no metabolism of invega depend on some enzymes not fat metabolism
But I have pain in stomach and had arithmia:
i got this when take 2-8mg risperidone without tolerance, and it solved in 2-12 hours, your body still did not started producing real tolerance which is not good sign

i was on 14mg risperidone/day and olanzpine 50mg/day i needed one time almost 0.5mg*8*4 caberagoline to overcome it  completely for 2 weeks which is more the the normal dose by 32 times, but i was also in 6 times the normal dose of antipsychotics
tolerance develop when you use a any med, but when you use it as antidote tolerance will not developed
you might need high dose of antidote because invega is the strongest antipsychotics, my experience was on risperidone mega dose but it was complicated

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