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are we have the right to believe anything we want?

are we have the right to believe anything we want:

of course we have the right, what you was think i will say! 😜

just closed mind people do not accept new ideas, because their brain don't accept any idea other then the ideas that was in it before.
they can't be developed
you see your ideas right and other ideas dangerous because you just advocate your ideas based on your believes like what ISIS believe , everyone wanna kill the others
why we all don't start accept that other people have ideas other then what we have, black people like white people, Muslim girls wearing hijab treated like other girls, at least in America there some Racism, in Saudi Arabia if you are atheist you will be killed!!!
it will be wonderful life if will ignore our ego and started to think rationally
no religion Racism
also no more religion wars
no sexuality Racism
no color Racism
as for believes without action, you can believe whatever you want including the earth flat, god existence, climate change is not real.

i think America is the best country in this subject, there is no much Racism in it.

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