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benzo give me doctorate in lawyering

i always when taking lorazepam i got a doctorate in lawyering, no one can beat me or judge me, i always win the station from nothing, even if I'm completely wrong.

after i try to know how this happen i realize that when someone insult me because of my depression, no sings of anxiety appear in me, this prevent him from getting a pleasure from insulting me so he automatically stop, then i boomb his forehead with facts/words about him/his family that he can't avoid, and i don't fear from talking about extremely forbidden things in public.
the dosage was 3.125mg/day, 7.5mg knock me out
what i love about this the ability to be bisexual and atheist without getting insulted, you can be what you want, i told my mother and dad about this because i know i will win, its extremely forbidden in Muslim country, you will be killed, but they was not able to beat me , they just say WOW, and then i started talking about sex they just said do what you want its your life 😂

this mean something, that if someone know how to talk , he can make you believe that the blue is white, he might talk about how our eyes see and process colors or something in the end I'm completely sure he can do it if he professional enough, this make court order is not significantly correct, and will fail if well high baseline GABA lawyer is advocating the serial killer 😂

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