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how to take testosterone and avoid long term side effect in the sametime

So to prevent cancer and decreasing your natural testosterone production you should do this.

Firstly take low dose testosterone lower better not because side effect, but because negative feedback that will decrease androgen receptors expression that you took testosterone from first to agonist it, but to much lower dose will not work you need something like 250mg/month
Don't add more then 300ng/dl to your baseline testosterone level
Use this tool to know how much to inject monthly with different testosterone esters
testosterone calculator

how to keep your natural testosterone production:
When you use testosterone , aromatase enzyme will convert 5% of it to estradiol that will perform negative feedback by agonizing its alpha receptors in tastes this will decrease your natural testosterone production, to avoid this take clomid 25mg/day , its an alpha estrogen receptors antagonist that will keep your testosterone levels normal and in the same time with your testosterone injections

how to avoid cancer:
the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase will convert some of your testosteron to DHT , that will increase prostate size and might lead to cancer in longterm, really most 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors cause longterm anhedonia and depression but there a one that can do that without any side effects, its zinc! you need to take 2.415"g" zinc as a loading dose then maintenance dose of 5mg/day that's because zinc have crazy long half life of 280 days so that 2.4g after 280 days 1.2g will leave your body so by some calculation you will need 5mg/day to keep it 2.4g, i personally took it without problems but you will not able to take it in one dose you need to take 50mg every day until you reach it. your body generally have 1-5g of zinc, but you need to increase it by 2.4g to be able to 98% inhibit 5 alpha-reductase.

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