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inverse agonist theory (no tolerance knock-out receptor like effect)

i have a question that i did not found answer for, firstly inverse agonist have -25% efficacy between antagonist have 25% and silent antagonist have 0% so it just bind to a receptor without doing anything , and it prevent endogenous neurotransmitter from binding to the receptor so it product negative effect

In pharmacology, an inverse agonist is a drug that binds to the same receptor as an agonist but induces a pharmacological response opposite to that of the agonist
now after you know what is inverse agonist

if i took a inverse agonist it should be like DNA modified knockout mutated receptor
there hydroxyzine which is histamine 1 inverse agonist that will cause severe up-regulation but when receptors increase its numbers hydroxyzine will bind to them and act as inverse agonist which mean it will cause the opposite effect like sedation even more but withdrawal from hydroxyzine will be severe and cause histamine supersensivity

i want to test this theory inverse agonist on histamine 1, but cAMP and other second messenger system and protein kinase etc.. will tolerance but it should be like knock out receptors
what you think is this possible?

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