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marriage is not a good thing (my view of marriage, Thinking outside the box)

lets say that 6,999,999,900 people in earth don't want marry and only 100 want it:
than the 6,999,999,900 will live and inexpensive life and be mentally free from responsibility, but they will not transfer his genes to the next generation because they don't accept having children responsibilities so they will become extinct
then the only people who will able to transfer his genes is the other 100, but they will live an expensive life and most of their money will goes to his children add to that there other having children responsibility other then money like taking care of them
when the 100 people transfer him "marriage acceptance genes" to the next generation this mean that their children will accept that also (from parent genes), this called "Natural selection".

what im trying to say that the nature when develop you it develop you not for your personal happiness or intelligence but it develop you in favor of the survival of your specie, even if that mean doing stupid things (sorry guys) like taking big responsibility for no real reason 
who the f*ck will accept taking big responsibility like marriage and having children, the reward system most give you big reward for that like sex to compulsively urge you to make children and Paternal bond& Maternal bond to force you to take care of them. 
so the question is, do i will marry? Maybe with an aged understanding friend, otherwise not

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