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me if i was a psychiatric doctor :)

(this just a joke, no one should prescript opiates for mild pain, least of all carfentanil)

some typo's are knowingly added
all ppl here are 18+ in time of casting
tb tb tb.. opening the door..
patient: Hi Ms ibtisam 😇
ibtisam: Hi, your are welcome, what do you have?
patient: i have mild pain on my finger
ibtisam: okay i will prescript you carfentanil, it will make you saxy like your doctor
patient: but i don't wanna be saxy
ibtisam: because your finger hurt you, the last thing you can think of now is being saxy that because your reward system prefer to bla bla bla..
patient: nice book
patient: what if i got addicted?
ibtisam: i do have ibogaine, and i will give you some fluoxetine to make you cute also
patient: okay, how much cost me the visit?
ibtisam: 200k dollar or 0-65=-65 if you would fuck me 😆
patient: are you sure?
ibtisam: of course baby
patient: Yay!
ibtisam: let's put that body on me.

month later...
ibtisam: what this awful nausea i do have, I'm feeling dizzy and there is no causes, OMG I'm pregnant!!! i forgot taking that pill last time 😲

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