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natural rewards vs drug rewards (There is no difference)

natural rewards behave like drug reward like:

natural reward do have tolerance
let's say you are listening to a song for 15 days after that the song will be boring and not pleasant

stopped listening to that song for a month then returned to it, tolerance will develop fastly, in first time you needed 15 days to make it boring, but now listing to it 5 times will make your reward system stop give you enjoyment for it

if lyou ive in 3rd world country and got traveled to 1st world country like USA, for 15 days, and then you return to your 3rd world country you will see that your life is very bad and got withdrawal symptoms and you  might start thinking to travel to USA in legal/illegal way

if you have a boy friend/girl friend , that you broke up with him and tried to forget him, and then you return to him , after that you decide to forget him again, the 2nd time your love withdrawal will more severe then the first time

many people are addicted to sex, gambling, food, internet etc..
anyway baseline pathway efficacy is the cause natural reward being strong enough to cause addiction

all of this i experienced them personally before

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