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we should not put criminals in jail or kill him

we should not put criminals in jail or kill him:

criminals believe that his action is right, that's because of his genetics (mostly noradrenaline up-regulation and MAO-A mutation "warrior gene"/downregulation on serotonin/oxytocin system)
so if we put criminals in jail because of their actions, its somewhat seems not right, because they have done this because of his genetics, which they can't control, we should instead inject them with medication, that will stop its behaviors, I'm not a supporter of anti-psychotics but they have some useful usage, SSRIs and blocking noradrenaline also should help.

we also need to send drug addicts to professional ibogaine treatment or NAD+ vitamin b3 because they have strong anti-craving effect.

as for ideas without action, you can think in whatever you want, if you hate someone no problem, just don't do anything bad to him and you will not charged or forced in anything

there is more then one gene induce criminalization, and we don't know all of them, and i believe 101% that every action you do from your birth to death is genetic related, and you can't control it, if you used a drug to control your behaviors, this mean, your genes was give you open minded personality, and sent you to seek treatment which is also genetic related.

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