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tolerance to natural and drug rawerds reversing (NMDA-tune)

result natural rewards: 

when doing something beautiful like sex but your mind keep sending notices about problems in your life keep causing stress which prevent you from enjoying sex, i just "know" it and get it blended without cause any distribution in my forces in what i do. before the moment i "know" it, my mind do background calculation and see if its something i should stop sex and go fix it right now or is the best for me to keep sexing. in that time i'm enjoying.

this perfect system done after rewriting neuroplasticity caused also:

i feel everything as first time usage: internet, musterbating just touch my self give a lot of pleasure like when i was 14 years old, and even my phone from 2 years old feel like you boughs it yesterday. even breathing air is enjoyable etc.. every day is unique like Christmas, you feel life like when you was child before you develop tolerance to natural life rewards.

i don't care if people understand or not, just try to get info and work , and live and do things, like sex and everything etc..

life enjoyment like old life memory, MMORPG final fantasy game feeling, its the same as your life as child before tolerance to natural reward rained everything, and mostly forget it

remember when i was child and everyone say my hand writing is the best i start restoring it after filling a check i found its better and i just ignore errors and when i write next line i just fixed the errors automatically, no worry just fixes in next time. and know the problem, know if you need to fix it now or next time.

you can make put every single beat/frame/layer of song and detailed them and destroy as you want! also perfectionism did not touched i still can use my power!

you just automatically put your self in a work as its best balance, because work addiction is not good like people who work and don't do any rewards like traveling or singing. Money is for who use it not who accumulate it.

i made a facebook with just girls after i removed a lot of boys manually because im a working machine, when i hit the point where the idea of that i will not success in work, i just did not get the bad feeling at all, and directly if its realistic i fix the problem/stop if it's time wasting, otherwise i continue and that idea will not be here again.

remember old days when you do feel the perfume you did long time ago and cut your hair perfectly from one time and learn fastly, also your Baskets is weared as good as it possible you just ignore none important things automatically. i selectively stopped counter-productive recheck behaviors

++ no side effect in any type
anfaranil give in 25mg:
very strong stimulant effect

super working to point you can't sleep
severe cognitive enhancement
bomb forehead by strong not empathic dominant agreement
you feel stimulant anxiety because of feeling like a titanium knife.
no empathy dominance (adrenaline effect)
wanna be cute girl (serotonin also)
very strong personality people cant beat you any (overcome baseline of humans like nothing)
will make you even see errors that you normally don't see in music videos like lisa blackpink money. tv show casting errors also detected.

explanation how is this possible:

Nmda do LTP, if you do something like using English for 21day nmda receptors upregulate the used pathway , causing you to be fluent

This cause the pathway also to overcome programmed cell death
If you blocked nmda the pathway , can't causing olneys lesions

The problem is that nmda control a lot of bad pathway other then that good for learning

learning is not always a good thing, like learning fear

NMDA make you learn regret, fear etc..
decreasing your productivity

blocking them cause antidepressant effect, add to that the negative feedback on AMPA

more side info:

the median human time needed for developing a "habit" is 21 days if we combine all people ability and divided it by 7 billion you will get 21 days as median but in daily life some people need 30 days and other fuckedup one need 5 days.

one of things that happen to me is

i experienced no ability to use may arabic language defined by like i always use cute emojis etc and some talking fingerprint, after i took NMDA antagonist in someway i start just saying hahaha (i noticed one of my friends who used NMDA- a lot, say it and i say why he don't express him self better lol) and most times i don't say at all. i even start using vanilla arabic in texting with my friend and they noticed it , this happen with DXM

because of this I want to know the exact function of nmda subtypes, so I know what to do with each of them

how i get it, my journey :

the effect i was trying to *not* get


body lead
None functional daily life hallucination



You should use a clean nmda antagonist, or a normal nmda antagonist+the science of dose dependent curve

*my installation removed, because severe injection infection, what i can say it was CPY2d6 inducers, CPY3A4 is inhibitors (inhibit all DXM metabolism pathway other then to DXO), DXM injection, magnesium pidolate 0.4kg 6months ago+ 80g last 2 weeks.

conversion between them as of my genes and current situation:

mag    12.06    median long term mg/d added until no more accumulation because of half life
ketamin    8.04    mg
mag pidolate    11.5533241    g
dxm    3.682442748    mg 

dxm    0.4    mg injection

is the effect paramanent:

no, after NMDA anatgonists go out of your body , the normal baseline NMDA system (sub-receptors allostric sites etc..) will return working and tolerance reversing effect will decrease by time.

why tolerance develop for NMDA if they are tolerance reverser?

tolerance is a "bottleneck" problem, NMDA are not the only that effect plasticity like i said AMPA have role and they can cause tolerance to NMDA it self, other then this specified tolerance protein like beta arrestin and CREB will cause tolerance to plasticity receptors like NMDA and AMPA, and ultimately other proteins like monoamines start being the new bottleneck.

this is tolerance reverse made using plasticity modulation, it just end the questionability of if tolerance reverse is possible.

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