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human Intelligence .VS. AI - guide v1.0

in laptop chess game, to make the laptop win against the player:
-the laptop need to calculate all possibility on every move of his element, as much as he can -the bottleneck neck is CPU.
-the laptop need to act in 3 second -the bottleneck is deadline.

deadline in human is known as "attention span", can be longed by D3 antagonists (subtypes)
the CPU is D1 and alpha2a of adrenaline receptors in "prefrontal cortex" any enhance adrenaline transmission in it using a substance that concentrate in prefrontal cortex and block NET, make the "unconscious" calculate a lot of things faster before "deadline reached" and when reached, he notice your "awareness" about the way to solve things like porting research chemicals.

finding a highly selected substance that concentrate on prefrontal cortex and block NET and DAT there will be methylphenidate

as for AI it works right now by "IF" variable, don't ask why google did not upgrade it, and why humans are stupid specie.

some source found about the rule of prefrontal cortex as logic base:

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