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Can the Liver Repair Itself After Years of Drinking?

 The liver is your body’s only regenerative organ. You are probably aware of the fact that some lizards can regrow their own tails. The liver works in very much the same way. It can rebuild itself. If you had 75 percent of your liver removed, it could grow back to its full size.

Part of the reason for this unique ability comes from what the liver actually does in the body. Since it acts as the main filtration organ, it comes in contact with many different toxins and chemicals. And some of these toxins can actually cause serious damage when they come in contact with cells.

As a result, the mere nature of the liver’s job – handling these dangerous toxins – means that it needs to be able to regenerate on its own. Otherwise, we’d fall victim to a variety of diseases much more frequently.

And the fact that this vital organ has this ability to heal itself is good news when it comes to repairing your liver.

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