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how to eliminate tolerance

for specific neurotransmitter:

(dopamine as example):

combine dopaminergic substance acting in different ways and the effect will be ^2


Rhodiola rosea - proliferation of dopamine cells neuron's
Bromantane - upregulate AADC+TH enzyme
adderall - DAT inhibitor/releasing agent
selegiline - selective MAOI B inhibitor

all of them should = 4x of first therapy dose
like 4 substance on 1 of first therapy dose each
the effect will be meth-like
without much side effect nor tolerance (superior long term effect)


if you blocked DAT alone the body will start upregulating MAIO enzymes, downregulating AADC, etc.. this produce tolerance as the body have multiple ways to make tolerance strong, eliminating any of these ways will increase the long term effect of the substance.

also because of Different mechanizem of action the benefits you get will be doubled, like bro will increase dopamine production by x2 rho will make that x2 be x4 by making the dopamine produced find more neuro to travel in. (by its dopamine neuron proliferation effect)

do to that mega dosing substances more then x4 of first therapy dose is not an option, you need to interact with as much neurotransmitter as you can with low doses.

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