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role of dopamine 2 and 3 receptors in ADHD (addon for treatment)

blockage in D2 will decrease how much co-processed inner voice/thought, causing less memory resource usage in prefrontal cortex, simply it decrease "hyperactivity" induced because hypersensitive D2 in adhd patient. between D2 hypersensitivity seems the cause for both smartness and attention deficit disorder. along side with instability/paranoid and stress vulnerabilities

stress decrease capability to push your self in work because its stressful, D3 urge you to recreationally activity in the other side, causing excusive recreationally activity, and ultimately procrastination

blocking D3 has no problems between blocking D2 is questionable, you will see tasks less stressful, because you don't analyze them much you just work, not analyzing mean less analyzing capability, more simple person, like literary instead of scientific

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