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mutation and natural selection effect on humans

vitamine c mutation to decrease half life of humans:

40 million years ago some individuals lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C they was capable for multiple ten grams of it, seems to short half life of humans

tolerance to vit c don't develop - bottle neck is high in old humans:

due to old humans being on average level extremely high then us, you can upper, no tolerance whatsoever until hit that point. 

tolerance protein's can't be co-gambled, because nature doesn't have intelligence to this point:

for nature to make vit c tolerance, it need to co-gamble tolerance mechanizem which first layer evolution (mutations+natural selection) are not capable for

glycine more intelligence humans:

vit c act as co-factor in glycine catabolism, inhibit vit c and you got higher level NMDA activity , more capability to gain experience

>>human new version log: shorter half life in replacement of more intelligence

hyperglycine problem: plasticity overwrite

extremely high glycine cause problems intellectual disability 



due to plasticity overwrite (if you know how NMDA works exactly you will get a flush of info for why)

you can't just upper some neurotransmitter and say its done it :

you are tuning biology like a gaming addict tune its pc


bacteria intelligence (first layer 2 evolution):

antibiotics kill bacteria

bacteria need to have enzyme creator, or not selected, this protein need to be short to be gambleable by layer 1

you are hired to tune system more:

reward for this? you have direct provided reward by D2 or curiosity, challenges etc..

you also has increased reward trigger, because biohacker know how to solve a lot of things others can't so better life satisfaction.

the war on biohackers , naturality logic:

general people have high preference to go natural root like a android phone refuse to be routed by its bootloader

can't be rooted otherwise: drug user>drug addict, with 5% functional user

that's interface between layer 2 and 1 products.

if you talk to naturality people they will start unfair selective agreement generation advocate naturality (natural logic dominance in PFC)


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