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my name is ibtisam midlet 21 years old bisexual boy that he wanna be cute girl, its javascript developer and biohacker.

i do have "perfectionism" compulsive urge to be superior, causing me to think after the point where people stop thinking to make my life perfect, indirectly cause analyzing.
this blog talk generally about:
1_tolerance (tachyphylaxis, kindling, normal tolerance, silent tolerance (tolerance without dependence), progressive tolerance, reverse tolerance ..)
2_dependence generally
3_proteins/receptors function, pathways function, encoding function.
4_dose dependent curve, thresholds, increase/decrease, tolerance/dependence induce changes in dose dependent curve.
5_experiment: brute force attack (dose dependent curve, eg induce changes in awareness to the psychoactive effect of the substance), cycling, micro-dosing.
craving, reward association (linking pills of the drug to the reward), unfair selective agreement generation advocate drug use/ setting them as logically valid in time of craving, decreased aversion and increased reward sensitization ( like cigarette bad test being none feelable between the good part spicy taste of it being more pleasurable)
7_biology hacking/tuning in general.

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