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discovering how tolerance works (overcoming)

from almost a year I'm trying to explorer how tolerance works with trials
i have discovered a lot of info
one of them is that most drugs will work 1 day every 6-20days (6=caffeine,20=nicotine) with cycling, depend on receptors/enzyme/etc that enhanced.

now I'm trying to see how much i need to overcome Beta2 receptor tolerance by using terbutaline as an direct beta agonist
without tolerance terbutaline give me a very fast heart beat with just 3mg dose
but with tolerance 18mg doesn't give me anything
this tolerance gained over the last 2 years of taking adrenergic drugs
I'm always taking anafranil which cause my tolerance to stay sky-high, this how i tested 18mg dose
do you have guys any info about how much it will need to overcome the tolerance??

might i will try something a lot bigger like 45mg
whats your opinion about it??
do you have any experience with that?

update: i have overcomed the tolerance on 60mg terbutaline.

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