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antipsychotics is not completely bad as many people think (the good side of antipsychotics)

i have tired in my life many antipsychotics like respiridon olanzpine and halopiridol, they seems to induce "drug torture" like anhedonia , panic attacks, depression, but after i had experimenting them a lot i had know how to benefits from them

firstly you need to take low dose antipsychotic i have took 0.25mg/day respiridon for 2 months, then 0.5mg/day for 2 month, then 0.75mg/day for 2 month, then 1mg/day after 9 months the effect will be:
completely stopping racing thought, calm, better sleep, anti compulsive behaviors effect, you will able to use your thinking abilities in clear mode without any thought that you don't need, by that your abilities to solve problem will be improved, they also cause anti restless leg syndrome effect, you will stop touching your hair without reason, you will start see that your are more clean, don't acting like kids, you are a adult person now, this without any torture.
note: don't take more then 1mg/day because you will get sever movement disorder in your eyes, it's like torture you have been warned

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