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overcoming tolerance 2 (multi action therapy)

in this topic
i was trying to overcome adrenergic tolerance with high dose agonist, i was able to do that in x20 the normal dose, and partially in less doses

now I'm trying to overcome it with multi action drugs:
mono-amine oxidase A inhibitor >> methylene blue
noradrenaline releasing agent  >> PPA
noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor >> anafranil  (update reuptake inhibitors inhibit releasing agent)

now, why I'm using this therapy, and why she are better then agonists:
agonists will agonist just one receptor(in most of times) but this therapy will downstream on all adrenergic receptors including A2a which is the best
add to that multi action therapy is better because, the value gained from every drugs is more, how?

lets say my body normally release 1ug pure noradrenaline in the synaptic cleft
and every drug with normal doses will increase the noradrenaline in the synaptic cleft by 200%

so anafranil increase noradrenaline to 2ug.
methylene blue will increase the 2ug to 4ug (and not 2ug to 3ug)
PPA will increase the 4ug to 8ug
this because the calculation mechanize here is not "+" but its "x"
this is why combining MAOIs with SSRIs is dangerous.

now whats the result from this?
after increasing the dose slowly i was able to over come my noradrenaline tolerance by
75mg anafranil (higher doses isn't better)
300mg PPA (overdose by x2)
methylene blue the last clinically available dose

the effect was profound :
increase respiration speed
antidepressant effect
anxiolytic effect
cognitive enhancing effect
anti restless leg syndrome effect

but in next day the effect stopped, i don't know really how to avoid this, might be adding other drug like COMT inhibitor will help, the days will bring me the answer *-*

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