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Definition of terms for drug tolerance (+some new possible types)


Drug tolerance is a pharmacological concept describing subjects' reduced reaction to a drug following its repeated use. Increasing its dosage may re-amplify the drug's effects, Drug tolerance is indicative of drug use but is not necessarily associated with drug dependence or addiction. The process of tolerance development is partially reversible, because it might lead to Tachyphylaxis

what is Tachyphylaxis:

In a patient fully withdrawn from opioids, going back to an intermittent schedule or maintenance dosing protocol, a fraction of the old tolerance level will rapidly develop, usually starting two days after therapy is resumed and, in general, leveling off after day 7.


if you get benzo withdrawal before the next withdrawal will be severe and the next one will be more severe this seen with opiates also but not all drugs but i likely to develop with them after long term use, it make taking the drug more then 1 day the next days is like a loan from future you will pay it when stop

silent tolerance

this term is made by me, it mean if you took benzo before and want to took them again normal doses will not work you will need 5mg clonazpam to feel any effect if any, this happen for drugs that is known to have fast tolerance

possible to be:

both sides reverse tolerane

one time i took a one normal dose of cyproheptadine which is selective ht2c antagonist it increase my motivation to food leading to buy 2kg chicken and eat them in one meal it was wired but now even if i did not took ht2c again it toleranced, i do think there is both sides reverse tolerance (the term it just invented by me 2 sec ago) where if you used ssris a lot so agonisted ht2c, much tolerance will develop on both sides , mean even antagonizing the receptors will cause very fast tachyphylaxis.

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