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tolerance to histamine 1 receptor developed without me knowing

this days histamine 1 receptors always ass-fingered with any meds you take, like anafranil it block SERT and NET right, but before completing its work, it say ohhh yeah i missed that little pussy receptor called histamine 1 i will fuck it with x10 potency of any other receptor i interact with, yummy! 😍(histamine receptor: please forgive me 😳)

i was seen some people recommending antihistamine for anxiety so i goes to doctor and took some of lorazepam ( to get my lawyering doctorate back) and ultimately i was able to easy make him prescript quetiapine for me which is the strongest histamine antagonist out there.

waited for lorazepam to stop then
i took 50mg nothing happen 100mg nothing happen until i was took 1017mg in one day (calculated previous doses)
whats happen? ..... nothing!!!! no effect at all its pretty unbelievable tolerance developed without knowing, even if histamine 1 is slow receptor in tolerance, thanks to anafranil cyproheptadine olanzpine and others. this quetiapine exp was a month ago, (or it has 1 month onset-action?) i was not able to make a mice study about the effect of histamine 1 antagonists (I'm the mice). #shitty#


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